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Fleet Training — Aims & Objectives
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Fleet Driver Training Combining Safety With Better Vehicle Economy

When you employ the driver training services of Ride Drive you are buying into a driver training programme that delivers the very best in safer road driving techniques, as well as a style of vehicle operation that will significantly reduce your fleet vehicle running and maintenance costs.

Through developing a culture of more efficient vehicle usage, as well as to introduce safer driving methods, you gain a significant saving against the cost of your vehicle fleet insurance. By running a programme of driver training, not only are you catering for the health, safety and welfare of your staff, but you are also cutting the cost of running a vehicle fleet. Even if you lease the vehicles there is still a significant cost saving attached to having a team of better trained road drivers.

The Aims and Objectives of a Ride Drive Fleet Driver Training Programme

The principle objectives of our fleet driver training and development programme will be to —

  • Produce 10% saving on vehicle fuel costs through more efficient driving methods
  • Reduced vehicle down time caused by repairs of unnecessary breakages
  • Reduced vehicle down time for the repair of low speed collision damage
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance bills through encouraging greater mechanical empathy
  • Greater mileage from tyres, brake linings and other vehicle consumables
  • Reduced wastage of man hours caused by injury sustained in road traffic collisions
  • Reduced man hours wasted caused by sickness relating to work related stress, as well as those conditions relating to poor driver posture.
  • Reduction in cost of repairing or replacing cargo goods through damage caused in transit
  • Making a positive contribution to the reduction in the damage to the environment
  • Enhancement of company image
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and therefore cut your carbon footprint

How The Aims and Objectives Will be Achieved

  • Increasing driver observation skills that facilitate anticipation and therefore a more smooth and flowing driving style
  • The development of hazard perception and awareness skills to as to combat wide variations in vehicle speed
  • Enhancing average driving speed without compromising safety
  • Reducing the frequency of brake applications by developing advanced vehicle, road environment and traffic management skills
  • More intelligent employment of gear ratios to provide greater vehicle control and reducing the number of unnecessary gear changes
  • Efficient management of available engine power resources
  • More consistent rate of compliance to speed limits
  • The development of greater spatial awareness, particularly concerning the operation of vehicles within confined spaces
  • Greater appreciation and awareness of the range of diversity in road environments
  • Education in basic ergonomics and seated body posture
  • Better time and route management
  • Identification of symptoms of stress and fatigue incorporating effective methods of resolution

You Are Here » Home » Driving Courses Menu » Training Aims & Objectives

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Thursday, 25-Nov-2010

Fleet Training — Aims & Objectives

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