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The Class–One Driving Course
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NQF Level–3 Advanced Driving Qualification

The Class–One driving course is a three day advanced driver training programme that is an accredited Level–3 National Framework Qualification by a leading educational awards establishment, the Open College Network (OCN).

Delivered over a three–day period, the syllabus comprises of two–days of practical driver training in defensive driving methods, which are preceded by a day of theory input within a classroom environment. To test knowledge and the development of application there is a written test and an oral assessment. Progress in developing practical driver skills is completed by assessment at the end of the course.

The Course Includes a Heath & Safety Risk Assessment Report

Follwoing the conclusion of the course a detailed risk assessment report is completed in respect of each candidate, and this is based upon the level of performance as demonstrated by the end of the course. Such is the amount of detail included in the report this will more than serve the needs of a company health and safety at work risk assessment policy.

The application of the course is based upon Roadcraft, which has long been the primary source of reference for emergency services driver training. That choice is somewhat obvious, as trainers within the Ride Drive organisation have the same background.

A Proven System of Driving That is Kind to The Environment

Candidates will come to know something called, The System of Car Control, which is a system or drill, each feature of which is considered in sequence by a driver at the approach to hazards. This provides a simple and repetitive strategy with which to deal safely with every conceivable scenario that will happen on the road, so the driver may proceed within broad safety margins.

As well as improving safety, the Class–One Driving Course promotes a fluid style of road driving that is good for the environment, by reducing carbon emissions, increases vehicle longevity, as well as providing a significant saving on fuel and vehicle servicing costs.

The Course Objectives

The great thing about this course is that whilst it maintains a high standard in driver training and education it still remains flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of the individual and so fulfil corporate requirements. For the candidate, The Class–One Driving Course aims to —

  • develop a secure level of knowledge through both a practical and theory based learning environments
  • guide each candidate to achieve their required learning outcome
  • provide the practical driving skills, ability and theoretical knowledge to drive a motor vehicle to a consistently high standard and with consideration for the environment.
  • develop a sense of professionalism towards appropriate driver behaviour and a responsibility towards other road users
  • preserve and to protect from becoming involved in a road incident or collision
  • develop an increased sense of awareness that will enhance personal safety levels for the common good of all.

Those who embark upon this course will find it to be the start of a whole new driver and vehicle relationship. They will improve their knowledge, skill and the overall level of driver–safety within the public road environment. Whilst becoming introduced to new methods, which may differ from a current driving style, the course will provide a sense of pride through attaining a high level of achievement.

All Ride Drive Fleet Driver Training Courses are dependent upon the client organisation providing the training vehicles and being responsible for all expenses relating to their operation and maintenance.

Discounted rates are available for larger contracts. Courses can be run from the customer business premises. Please contact the Ride Drive office to discuss available options.

Accredited Level–3 Fleet Driver Training Course (Product Code T03CN)
Concessions on price can be given according to size of contract.

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You Are Here » Home » Driving Courses Menu » Complete Advanced Driving Course

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The Class–One Driving Course


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