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Standard Driver Training Courses
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Standard Fleet Driver Training Courses
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Fleet driver training provided through top quality defensive driving courses effectively managing your company occupational road risk. Training can be completed either in one–to–one formation, or two–to–one.

The training takes place over an 8–hour day and is delivered as a practical driving package, out there on the road where the trainee will be actually driving on a daily working basis.

Reducing Occupational Road Risk, Reducing Emissions & Improving Economy

As well as training in defensive driving methods, attention is paid to economy driving measures, such as ECO driving, helping your business to limit its effect upon the environment and therefore keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.

By monitoring the degree of empathy for the vehicle we can ensuring the driving style has a good balance between controlling vehicle operating costs and controlling the vehicle.

All Ride Drive driver training is delivered according to the Roadcraft system of car control, as this provides a simple and repetitive strategy that can be applied to every road management situation that can be encountered.

Defensive driving skills provide for effective road–space management, improve danger awareness and therefore conflict avoidance.

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Driver Training Courses available in almost all regions of the UK, including Bristol, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Ipswich, Nottingham, Leeds and Stafford. Click on the above map for full list.

Course Reports and Certification

Following the conclusion of the training you will receive a detailed and individual Driver Risk Analysis report, which provides a 5–page Driver Skills and Character Profile. The driver report will provide you with a comprehensive account of the elements covered over the training day and will report upon the learning outcome, as well as any Health and Safety Risk issues that were identified.

As well as providing you with a record of the training elements covered in terms of Vehicle and Driver Safety, the report also covers topics relating to Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED), ECO Driving techniques, use of Communications and Navigational Equipment, security of luggage⁄loads within the vehicle, and journey time management and planning.

Each successful participant will receive a certificate in recognition of their commitment to the course, so as to help create a sense of achievement.

Fleet Driver Training Course (Product Code C03FM)
including Driver Health and Safety Risk Assessment Report.
Concessions on price can be given according to size of contract.

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You Are Here » Home » Driving Courses Menu » Standard Fleet Driver Training

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Friday, 26-Nov-2010

Available throughout the UK, including
Bristol, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Ipswich, Nottingham, Leeds and Stafford

Standard Fleet Driver Training Courses

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