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Fleet Driver Risk Assessments
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When considering a driver risk assessment programme for your company car and van drivers the question you need to ask yourself is whether you want that risk assessment process to reflect the true nature of the risk you carry with your vehicle fleet, or do you just want to tick the Health and Safety box?

About Driver Risk Assessments

There are various forms of driver risk assessment packages on the market that do not have to be completed anywhere near a real car or a real road. However, these do not assess real driver behaviour under real–life stressful situations.

In poor weather conditions, or when worrying about an ongoing professional or personal situation, behaviour and degree of rational thinking can be very different from that when sitting in the calm environment of an office.

Paper or software based driver risk assessments cannot provide data about how a driver will read a bend, how they will judge their follow distance to the car ahead or provide information about their car control skills.

Remember, a driver does not have to be a risk taker to be vulnerable or dangerous. Some of the most conscientious of drivers can be very high risk and often are due to poor initial training.

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Fleet Driver Occupational Road Risk Assessments are available at almost all regions of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Hertford, Slough and other regions. Click on the above map for full list.

What Ride Drive Can Offer the Vehicle Fleet Operator

The Ride Drive Fleet Driver Risk Assessment programme takes place in the real world, as in the actual environment where risk may be present. Yes, this may be more expensive than other means to impliment, but provides an effective tool for the vehicle fleet operator to ensure the Health and Safety of their drivers by monitoring occupational road risk.

As well as being an effective process for assessing new employees, our driver risk assessments can also be used to re–assess any current member of staff, whose circumstances perhaps have changed. You may wish to use this process if one of your team is involved in a road collision, the cause of which appears to cast doubt upon their standard of driving ability.

Whatever the purpose to which you apply the Driver Risk Assessment process, you can be confident the process will be completed thoroughly, yet sympathetically, and you will be well enough informed to target your Driver Training budget at where it is needed the most.

With effective management of your company occupation road risk, not only do you safeguard your vehicle driving staff, but your business as well.

The Driver Risk Assessment Package

Conducted over a half–day period, each vehicle driver will be asked to demonstrate how they would normally operate their vehicle over a range of different road types and environments according to their normal job role, and when driving their usual type of vehicle.

The level of ability will be assessed in 50 different areas of road driving, ranging from Vehicle Management Skills, through Hazard Perception and Management, compliance to speed limits and use of speed. Behaviour and ability when driving on fast–flow road types, as well as general awareness and health and safety issues are also tested.

C01FM – Half–Day Fleet Driver Skills Assessment
including Driver Health and Safety Risk Assessment Report.
Concessions on price can be given according to size of contract.

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You Are Here » Home » Driving Courses Menu » Fleet Driver Risk Assessment

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Tuesday, 07-Dec-2010

Available throughout the UK, including
London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Hertford and Slough

Fleet Driver Risk Assessments

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